Your Memories Captured


Anastasia Steinmetz

I very highly, highly recommend this young man. If you have any special occasion that you wish to capture the whole essence of the day and special moments, Austin is the guy!

I wish I was really able to articulate in words how amazing of a job Austin did with the video from our wedding. Words really can not begin to describe or give Austin enough credit for just how blown away I was with the amazing quality of his work. Learning this was his second wedding is mind blowing!

Austin was so professional, arriving early, making sure everyone was comfortable, giving guiding cues, and just had a pleasant air about himself. He was courteous of all of the different venders and people who were apart of our Big Day as well.

He is a hard worker, and will ensure that he knows everything and more about your special occasion to make the best possible video for you. He really went above and beyond and I was so surprised that our finished products came in an engraved box and engraved USB. It was those extra touches and attention to detail that make him stand out from other videographers I would encounter at the wedding expos I explored before booking Austin.

Do not let his age or experience level fool you, he is truly gifted with technology and I feel the video speaks for itself. He highlighted all of the special moments I could ever ask for without even having to ask. Book him soon because I really feel like once people begin to see how talented Austin is, he will have a very full calendar!

Anastasia Steinmetz