Hi, I am Austin! I started filming in 2015, I picked up a camera and started exploring from there.  I enjoyed doing video so much I knew this is what I wanted to do for a living. I have put my whole heart and soul into this business and I love it so much. Mostly because of the people I get to meet and work with. In my films, I try and show you the emotions of the day. I want to capture your precious memories and make you an amazing video so you will never forget the feelings you felt on that special day.

I am 21 years old (even though I don't look like it).  My favorite color is blue.  Ever since I was little I was into computers and technology.  I love to take things apart and see how things work.  I also loved making videos and slideshows of places i had visited.

Looking forward to capturing your precious memories and creating an awesome video for you!

- Austin McCoy

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