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Hi, I'm Austin.

Congrats on your engagement. I hope you're having an awesome day. I wanted to personally thank you for visiting my website. My goal is not just for you to be able to watch your wedding film but for you to be able to relive and experience the emotions you felt on your special day. My couples tell me that they get so caught up in their wedding day that they miss a lot of things that go on and their wedding film allows them to go back and experience the moments they missed. If you engaged and have a big day coming up, Let me know! 🙂

Austin McCoy


Kaley & Jacob Main

Dianna & John Stuart

Victoria & Dylan Jeffery

Natalie & Keith Layton

Athziry & Richard Amaya

Meghan & Lenny Beatson

Kimmy & Brandon Brunner

Kristina & Jason Reimer

Anastasia & Christian Steinmetz

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